Open Positions


We offer regularly internship possibilities for undergraduate and postgraduate students for projects ranging from simulation, design to characterisation and systems applications. If you are interested, please submit your details following the link below so that we can contact you.

Student Projects

Student project: Thin film loss measuring setup

This project aims to measure optical losses in dielectric thin-films that were deposited by chemical or physical vapour deposition techniques. This is important as it will helps to test the quality of the deposited films and will benefit the optimisation of the deposition parameters. To achieve that, the measurement setup should be able to measure thin film losses as low as 0.1 dB/cm.

As part of the project you will work in the InPAC laboratory and get familiar with state of the art optical and electrical equipment, which is required to perform the measurements. The work in the laboratory will give you insight into the thriving research environment at RMIT.